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About the brand

Calissa Teiniker is a Berlin based Fashion Designer, originally from New Zealand. 

Slow fashion is the foundation of the Calissa Teiniker label. Building more sustainable connections in the fabric to fashion pipeline involves conscious developments and production decisions.

Calissa Teiniker wishes to build a relationship of trust and transparency between itself and its customers. All sourcing, fabrication and production by Calissa Teiniker is done within the EU. 

Manufacturing your clothing by using a pre-order feature helps the brand to lower its fashion-glut footprint, and prevent clothing wastage. 


About the collection Second Skin 2023

Second Skin is an intimate interaction between both human and virtual bodies - a tool for a body autonomy in which the wearer is prioritized and encouraged. The unique silhouetting allows the wearer to accentuate curves, folds, scars and otherwise hidden elements of the body in a responsive way.

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